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Charles Lloyd -The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow - Test Pressing

Test pressing du coffret 2LP "The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow" de Charles Lloyd sorti 2023.

Disponible en 5 exemplaires.

Tracklist :


Face A

  1. Defiant, Tender Warrior
  2. The Lonely One
  3. Monk's Dance
  4. The Water is Rising

Face B

  1. Late Bloom
  2. Boker's Garden
  3. The Ghost of Lady Day
  4. The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow


Face A

  1. Beyond Darkness
  2. Sky Valley, Spirit of the Forest

Face B

  1. Balm in Gilead
  2. Lift Every Voice and Sing
  3. When the Sun Comes Up, Darkness is Gone
  4. Defiant, Reprise; Homeward Dove